środa, 22 sierpnia 2012

See you in Paris.

Tonight I'm going to Paris for 4 days. I'm coming back on Monday morning. I hope it will be a great weekend. If you want to keep up with news from my trip follow me on Facebook or Instagram.
I can't looking forward to that trip. :)


poniedziałek, 20 sierpnia 2012

For the love of neon.

One neon element in a whole outfit? Why not. Specially when weather doesn't remaind you about the summer. Asymetric blouse in noen pink was the main element of this set. I decided to make it in a little bit rock way. I wore ruffled jeans, sneakers and leather jacket- everything in dark colours- with that most visible part of whole outfit. 
And as you can see on photos I changed the colour of my hair. Don't know if I like it.


piątek, 17 sierpnia 2012

National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

Day off spent on hanging around Dublin and sightseeing- that's what I like. This time I went to National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. It's really lovely place, lots of different types of plants, flowers and glasshouses with amazing climats for various plants from whole world. Good place for sunny or just warm afternoon. When you need to relax and excite your senses with beautiful views. Even though I had no idea that there is such a place.


poniedziałek, 13 sierpnia 2012

INstaKate #1/ @kategie

Becoming more and more obsessed with instagram each day. Here’s my week in 14 snapshots, follow me  (@kategie) if you want for tons of more pictures!


sobota, 11 sierpnia 2012

Think pink!

Best colour for summer? Neon pink. For me is fashionable every year. Interacts with the tan and is conspicuous. Simple to wear with white or black. But with other neon colours also. It's easy to overdo, so I wore pink blazer and ombre pink blouse with white jeans. 


poniedziałek, 6 sierpnia 2012

Total whit look+ombre.

Ombre belongs to my favourite trends for s/s '12. I always choose just one piece with that trend. Less means better. This time I wore ombre jeans with white shirt and white bag and shoes. I wore gold jewellery to match it with dareker parts of shoes and bag. I used to think, that wearing white from head to toe is passe and unfashionable. But this season everyone loves white. So I decided to try. But not till the end. I broke white look with blue part on my jeans. :)