środa, 17 października 2012

Paris diary, part 1.

We spent 4 magic days in Paris last month. I had no chance to show you photos before, because I'm really busy. But finally I found some time.

I'm totally in love with Paris. Can't describe my feelings for that city. It's incredible, amazing and really beautiful.


niedziela, 7 października 2012

My wishlist.

Quick post. My wishlist for autumn/ winter 2012. Few things are already in my closet. Oh, I'm obsessed with burgundy color.
Sorry I don't have much time for posting.


wtorek, 2 października 2012

Dolce & Gabbana, fw 2012/13.

As I am preparing assignment on fashion styling classes I wanted to share with you a part of it. One of my tasks is to select two collections for autumn / winter and show my favorite creations and a brief description of these collections. So the first one I chose is Dolce & Gabbana. I think I don't have to expalin you why. I hope so everyone is in love with those pieces of art.
  •  Inspiration of Sicilian baroque;
  •  The richness and splendor;
  •   Elegance, but the hint of mystery, unpredictability and originality;
  •  The combination of experimental typefaces, dense embroidery, richly decorated with gold applications clothes and a lot of lace;
  •   Expressive, rich jewelry, and distinctive symbols for painting eighteenth century;
  •   Return to a somewhat forgotten lace and fur capes, which perfectly fits the promoted for the autumn-winter trend;
  •   Flowers in the winter issue. It shows that you can wear them not only during the summer or spring.


Transparent blouse and Stella McCartney.

Summer is gone already, but I have one more outfit for you from sunny days. Transparent material is a good idea for warm days, even if is black. The blouse is sexy and at the same time due to the buttoned to the neck- casual and simple. But along with the pants in the snake print and black accessories creates a naughty look. I need to add: I'm totally in love with my bag. Is inspired by Stalla McCartney's 'Falabella' bag. One day I'll save enough money to buy the original one :).